Jenna Pallio: Statement

Perceptions of time and memory are the major threads that weave through my work. Over the past several years I have investigated this by employing photo based imagery, most recently presenting situations through fragmented scenarios. My process is significant to the conceptual framework of the work. Paintings and drawings are created through a removal technique. An area is coated with a certain material such as paint, wax or smoke and then I create the image by erasing from the surface. In this way, I am pulling away in order to create; going backwards in order to capture something concrete and familiar. The process reflects how memory functions in our lives. While certain memories disintegrate, it is the fragments that

My current interest explores a more symbolic use of materials in my image making process. In some works I scrape imagery into the surface of layered wax. An element of sculpture is thus present through the carving away of materials as well as my use of space in installation works. In other works, I reaveal an image by sandpapering the carbon off of a smoke treated canvas, wood, or mirror. This use of materials contributes a more ephemeral and esoteric quality to the work and provides a basis for a deeper exploration into the concept of memory through the physical process.

Materials and technique are in constant communication with one another as the works evoke the layered emotions and sensations of memory.